Track Bar Relocation Bracket for 2008-2024 F250 F350 F450 Ford Super Duty

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Track Bar Relocation Bracket 2" to 4 1/2"

F450 Track Bar Relocation Bracket

The Stryker Off Road Design track bar drop bracket is one of the strongest on the market! We make 2 different styles to accommodate a wide range of lift height.. If running a 2-4 1/2" lift and using the STOCK pitman arm, we offer our OEM style forged track bar relocation bracket. This bracket does 2 re-centers the axle and also slightly drops the track bar angle (approximately .75") making the drag link and track bar a little more in line with each other. They are too far out of phase in stock form and many times that is what induces the bump steer they are known for. This small .75" drop is just what is needed to make these 2 arms a little more in line with each other. Again, must use STOCK pitman arm to run the forged OEM style bracket and must be running 2-4 1/2" of lift.

Track Bar Relocation Bracket 6" to 12"

F250 F350 F450 Track Bar Relocation Bracket

F250 F350 F450 Relocation Track Bar weldingThis bracket is made from 1/4" steel and 1/4" gusseting. It is made to be paired with a drop pitman arm and can accommodate lift heights from 6-12".


Craftsman Welders 

Stryker takes great pride in the work our Craftsman welders put into your lift components. We realize the you have entrusted us with your investment and more importantly your safety.

These components are CNC Laser Cut and then MIG welded at Stryker USA in Maryville, TN and will withstand the rugged treatment that your Ford Super Duty truck will experience. Every cut and weld we make keeps that commitment in focus.


And we back that up with our Lifetime replacement warranty!


Drop Bracket Cams to match truck liftWe use a cam to be able to make this ride range of lift heights available. You will receive the cam specific to the lift height range you choose. This enables use without an adjustable track bar. However, once you surpass 10" (our 11" to 12" option), we do recommend pairing this with an adjustable track bar to re-center your axle. This bracket comes with our signature S logo mounted utilizing stainless steel hardware.


Kit Contents:

  • One Track Bar Relocation Bracket. (2 Cams specific to your lift height) 


Diesel ONLY!

2" to 12" of Lift

NOTE: Must be paired with a pitman arm to maintain correct steering geometry

NOTE: Once you surpass 10" (our 11" to 12" option),requires pairing this with an adjustable track bar to re-center your axle. 

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