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F250 F350 F450 Lift Kit 4-Link Super Duty suspension components

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Stryker Off Road Design is a USA manufacturer of high end suspension components for newer 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks. Exclusively the Ford Super Duty F250, F350, F450 and Dodge Ram 2500. We install many of our "Made in the USA" components on BRAND NEW trucks straight off the dealership showroom floors. 

We don't cut corners. We are perfectionist!  All of our products, whether a complete overhaul of a truck or an individual suspension component demonstrate OUR COMMITMENT to provide you with Engineered and Manufactured Rugged Designs with a SENSE OF STYLE!.


Proven Precise Performance and quality control!

CNC - Computerized Numerical Control Stryker Off Road Design Plasma Cutter

Proven Performance

Our Star Lab is MADE in the USA just like Stryker Off Road Design Lift Kits. Our Star Lab machine is an HSP (High speed plasma) platform that enables Stryker the ability to handle ALL Lift Kit Fabrication completely in house in Maryville TN.


We take MADE IN AMERICA seriously. 


Mass Production with USA Steel on premise at  Stryker Off Road Design in Maryville, TN USA!

Proven Mass Production MADE TO ORDER process. 

Our Star Lab CNC Plasma Cutter has enabled Stryker Off Road Design the ability to shorten the lead time from the initial purchase to end customer delivery This CNC automated HSP (High speed plasma) platform produces build to order brackets for Stryker Craftsman welders and machinist the material they need to turn your kit promptly and without error. Welding, bending, Finishing, Powder Coat and assembly are ALL handled in the USA!  Stryker's ability to control ALL Lift Kit Fabrication completely in house in Maryville, TN is our key to your 100% satisfaction LIFETIME guarantee on our Lift Hardware. Stryker cannot warrant against rust or corrosion due to the varying extreme elements that may be encountered.

Lifetime Replacement Warranty 

We take YOUR Satisfaction seriously.


Tommy Hydraulic Press Brake

Stryker's On Premise EXPERT Steel fabrication!

Of course when you are as passionate about quality control as Stryker, having in house steel fabrication such as this Industrial Tommy Press Brake is an absolute MUST! Tommy Industrial® hydraulic press brakes provide exceptional performance by utilizing high quality components, resulting in a precise machine that delivers accurate bends time and time again.

Craftsman Welders 

 Stryker Off Road Design Craftsman Welders MIG welding a 4-link lift arm

Stryker takes great pride in the work our Craftsman welders put into your lift components. We realize the you have entrusted us your investment and more importantly your safety.

These lift components will withstand the rugged treatment that your Ford Super Duty or Ram Dodge Heavy Duty truck will experience. Every weld we make keeps that commitment in focus.. 

Stryker Rugged Style 

The process to move from RAW 1/4" USA Steel Sheets to the Stryker Finished lift kits to the left requires quality control and attention to detail at every step.

The RAW arms are prepared for powder coat. In this example to the left the arms were finished in a custom "Illusion Cherry"!.  







Stryker F250 lift kit long arm 4-links

Stryker 4-Link Long Arm set Craftsman welded and locally Powder Coated Black.


 Stryker Identity Series long arm 4-Link raw CNC Laser Cut aluminum


Stryker Identity Series long arm 4-Link Aluminum face plate CNC Laser Cut, Drilled, black powder coated, CNC Edge Machined and then clear powder coated for that Stryker Rugged Style! 

Stryker Off Road Design F250 2500 Truck Lift Products About Us

Our focus and talent brings STYLE to your Off Road UPGRADE. Every component is ENGINEERED for Purpose. Manufacturing designs exclusively for Super Duty and Dodge 3/4 and 1 Ton Trucks demands a complete understanding of the extreme forces your truck will encounter. All of Our designs add Style to your RUGGED OFF ROAD BUILD. Our engineering team has several patents pending for suspension components.  

Stryker RAD Series F250 F350 F450 SUPER DUTY and 2500 Heavy Duty SUSPENSION LIFT KITS

Our relentless focus on RUGGED STYLE™ for our Off Road Designs is often best represented in our customer's builds. Our latest success is exhibited in the new Diesel Brothers™ "Night Train" vision shown on top of this page!. Using our latest  “RAD” series (RADIUS ARM DROP) F450 SUPER DUTY SUSPENSION LIFT KIT they were able to transform their Diesel Super Duty F450 into an AWESOME creation. This rugged build for their November Truck Giveaway is deserving of the name "NIGHT TRAIN".

Because after the Stylish Stryker Lift Kit Upgrades it STILL PULLS LIKE A TRAIN! 

Diesel Brothers Night Train Build F450 RAD Series Radius Arm 4.5 inch Lift Pulling a Train

Stryker Off Road Design operates from it's 17,000 square foot facility in Maryville, Tennessee. 

stryker off road design lift company f250 f350 2500 3500 building front monochromeStryker F250 F350 2500 3500 Machine Shop Installing Stryker Lift Kits
Stryker Off Road Design F250 F350  Dodge Ram 2500 3500 Shop Bays

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Phone: 865-233-0076

Email: sales@strykerordesign.com
Address: 2117 6 Mile Rd, Maryville, TN 37803