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Stryker Off Road Design is proud to introduce our new Identity Series FABRICATED Boxed Radius Arms for the 2023 to 2024 F450  Super Duty trucks.

This Stryker Radius Arm supports stock to 4" lifts with the OEM Bracket. And up to 8" of lift with the OPTIONAL Stryker Identity Radius Drop Bracket.

Sown Below is a 2022 F450 with 4 1/2" Stryker Radius Arms Lift Kit shown with the OPTIONAL 3 1/2" Identity Drop Bracket installed.


F250 Radius Arm Lift Kit

Stryker Off Road Design Identity Series Radius Arm. F250 Radius Arm with Identity Badge

F250 Radius Arm Lift

Stryker Bolt Series Radius Arm

2023 F250 F350 Fabricated Bolt Series Radius Arm

Blackout Version

Radius Arm in Black Out

  • Works with 2005-2022 F250/350/450 4WD Super Duty (gas or diesel)


  • Stock height – 4” of lift when mounted in the OEM radius arm frame mount (YOU can achieve greater lift heights when paired with a drop bracket such as our OPTIONAL Identity Series shown)


  • This Stryker Design is Ideal to restore the caster on trucks with leveling kits.


  • Also GREAT for small lifts to get rid of unsightly radius arm drop brackets


  • Works with any manufacturers leveling kits or lift systems



F250 Radius Arm 1/4 inch USA Steel

  • 1/4" USA Steel Construction (not 3/16" like many competitors)

  • Precision CNC Plasma Cut in house at STRYKER

  • Precision Machine Bent in house at STRYKER

  • Craftsman Welded in house at Stryker

  • Powder Coated in Maryville


 Superior to the Standard Bushings in the OEM Arm

  • Massive 3.25” OD uniball

  • COM24 Chromoly bearing

  • Misalignments for bind free movement

  • Solid and  improved ride

  • Improved articulation

Radius Arm Cam Bolt Set - Caster Adjustment for various lift heights (CAN BE ADJUSTED ON THE TRUCK!)

F250 Radius Arm Cam Bolt Caster Adjustment
Stryker Engineer's designed this for continuous caster adjustment ON THE VEHICLE! Just rotate the bolt until the proper caster angle is obtained. THEN lock the backside nut and YOUR ALL SET!
F250 radius arm high clearance design

With years of experience Stryker's design team built this BOX Beam Radius Arm using 1/4" USA steel and maximized it for HIGH CLEARANCE. This is Stryker Rugged Style WITH A PURPOSE!

Sample Custom Gallery

Black and Polished

F250 Radius Arm Black and Polished

Two Stage Blue and Polished

F250 Radius Arm Blue and Polished

Two Stage Red and Polished

F250 Radius Arm Red and Polished

Stryker Off Road Design (OPTIONAL) Identity Drop Bracket (for Lifts 4 1/2" to 8 1/12") 

  • 3 1/2" drop cand support lifts from 3.5" to 7.5"

  • 4 1/2" drop can support lifts from 4.5" to 8.5"

The 4 1/2" lift shown on the Blue F250 above is a 3 1/2" Drop Bracket. 


    • Heavy Duty CNC Machined Steel Identity Face Plates for the Rugged Style Stryker Off Road Design has become known for.

    • Great for small lifts to get rid of unsightly OEM (or some aftermarket) radius arm drop brackets!

    f250 radius arm lift kit drop bracket

    Also made with 1/4" USA Steel CNC Plasma Cut, Precision Bent, Craftsman Welded and Powder Coated all IN HOUSE here in Maryville, TN USA! 


    • 2005-2022 F250/350/450 4WD (gas or diesel)

    • Stock height – 4” of lift when mounted in the OEM radius arm frame mount (can achieve greater lift when paired with a drop bracket)

    • Ideal to restore caster on trucks with leveling kits

    • Works with any manufacturers leveling kits or lift systems

    • ALL ¼” construction throughout

    • Massive 3.25” OD uniball with COM24 Chromoly bearing and misalignments for bind free movement and a more solid, improved ride and articulation over OEM arms

    • Cam bolt to adjust caster on the vehicle (not need to swap out cam plates to achieve desired caster)

    • ½” additional tire clearance at full steering lock over OEM arms for larger tires

    •  LIFETIME WARRANTY (restrictions apply *)



    • Two Radius Arms with mounted faceplates 
    • 2 sets (4 total) misalignment bushings
    • 2 bolts with matching nuts (for the lower axle mount to accommodate the caster  adjustment shims)
    • 2 sets (4 total) caster shims  

    NOTE: Requires reuse of 4 of your 6 existing Radius Arm Bolts. Stryker supplies new CAM Bolt, Nut and CAM washers for the drop bracket assembly.


    2023 to 2024 F450 with stock to 4" of lift or higher depending on your drop **.


    * Lifetime Warranty Restrictions:

    ** Contact Stryker with questions.