F250 F350 8-14" Lift Height Adjustable Track Bar for 2017-2024 Ford F250 F350 Super Duty 4WD

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This F250 F350 adjustable track bar is for the 2017-2024 F250 F350 4x4. It is extremely heavy duty. Made from heavy wall DOM and uses 1.25” Teflon coated heims on each end. This gets rid of the factory ball joint style on the axle end and replaces not only that joint, but also moves the mount to the top side of the axle, providing more correction over the OEM setup. Grade 8 hardware is included. NOTE: This does require drilling the track bar bracket at the frame to a 1” hole where the track bar installs into the bracket, as we use a massive 1” grade 8 bolt on the frame end. This is EXTREMELY heavy duty!! Great for 8”-14” of lift. Let us know lift height when ordering. Coated black and other colors available upon request. Additional cost may apply depending on color.

• Heavy wall DOM and double adjustable
• 1.25” heims at both ends
• Perfect for F250 F350 8+” of lift (must be combined with a track bar drop bracket)
• Provides Tighter Handling a Better Steering feel
• Available in Custom Colors (additional charges may apply)


• (1) Heavy Wall Double Adjustable track bar
• (1) 1.25” Teflon lined heims with jam nut.
• (1) Bracket at axle end to get rid of OEM style ball joint
• All grade 8 hardware


    NOTE: This does require drilling your track bar mounting hole at the frame side drop bracket to a 1” hole, as we use a 1” grade 8 bolt at that end (extremely beefy and much stouter than the factory setup)