2013 to 2018 8" 3500 Fabricated Radius Arm LIFT KIT

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We are happy to offer our newest suspension lift! It is our “Identity Fabricated Box Beam Radius Arm series.

We are also introducing our NEW floating cradle Long Link System which is the perfect balance between those that need an extremely rugged suspension lift, yet still want it to represent the Ultimate in Style! 

Do you want to improve your ride quality and looks at the same time?  We have the solution just for you! We are happy to release our newest generation of suspension lifts! Our NEW Fabricated Radius Arm series. This new new badged drop is perfect for those that need an extremely rugged suspension lift, yet still want it to be stylish!

We address everything in this kit. Our coils are designed to mimic the factory specs and provide a great ride. Our rear blocks have the bumpstop pads designed in for the heavy hauling these trucks were designed for. Our New Identity Series drop brackets for the radius are the beefiest in the industry!

Our Fabricated Radius Arm kit is built 100% in house using only the finest materials. CAD designed and Plasma cut, we fabricate the mounts and arms from 1/4" U.S. steel. These are EXTREMELY heavy duty. Gusseted at the axle mount and MIG welded throughout, these can handle anything you can dish out. This lift features our signature, Patent Pending design. 


Stryker Off Road Design NEW Fabricated Identity Series Radius Arm. 

  • 1/4" USA Steel Construction (not 3/16" like many competitors)

  • Precision Laser CNC Cut in house at STRYKER

  • Precision Machine Bent in house at STRYKER

  • Craftsman Welded in house at Stryker

  • Powder Coated in house at Elev8 Powder Coat (Stryker Subsidiary)

Fabricated Radius Arm Uni-Ball Superior to the Standard Bushings in the OEM Arm

2023 F450 Radius Arm Lift Kit Joint
  • Massive 3.25” OD Uni-Ball

  • COM24 Chromoly bearing

  • Misalignments for bind free movement

  • Solid and improved ride

  • Improved articulation



We went about it a little different. Instead of the drop bracket going up inside the factory radius arm pocket, we designed ours to mount uniquely outside. That adds width and strength. These features cost more to produce, but the end result is unmatched. All our steel is U.S. made and is at least ¼”, and in some instances even larger.  

Fabricated Radius Arm and RAD Drop Bracket shown below in Custom White Powder Coat

Stryker's NEW Floating Cradle and Long Link System Bracket

Drop, Cradle and Long Link System shown below in Custom Red Powder Coat on a 2500 Power Wagon


NEW GEN 2 Long Link System Lower Arm

Long Link System Front Brackets (omitted when the floating cradle is ordered)

  • 1/4" Slim Mount  long arm system bracket

Identity Series Top Coil Badges


8" Rear Axel Lift Blocks

Stryker Off Road Designs has engineered these blocks with a taper to correct the pinion angle.  The low side of the tapered block does face forward. It's designed in a way that angle the pinion upward to keep the driveshaft angle in line.


Rear Sway Bar Drop Bracket

Stryker Craftsman USA Welders

Stryker takes great pride in the work our Craftsman welders put into your lift components. We realize the you have entrusted us your investment and more importantly your safety.

These lift components will withstand the rugged treatment that your RAM Heavy Duty truck will experience. Every weld we make keeps that commitment in focus..


And all Stryker USA Lift Components carry a lifetime replacement warranty * 


Stryker Lifetime Warranty on F450 Lift Kit mad in the USA Hardware

Stryker handles ALL Lift Kit Fabrication completely in house in Maryville, TN which is why we are confident in providing this lifetime warranty!



Stryker F450 Lift Kit Hardware Made in the USA
We take MADE IN AMERICA seriously. 


Stryker offers shock upgrades if your driving conditions exceed the standard OEM shocks sweet spot for off road terrain or towing or if your shock is nearing its useful expected operating life.

 The industry consensus is that with heavy use, you could be looking to replace them at 40,000 or 50,000 miles or sooner.

Under normal conditions, 75,000 to 90,000 miles might be reasonable. We have provided a range of shocks for you to consider.

Stryker 2.0 Monotube 

Stryker 2.0 Zinc Monotube Shocks  represent an OUTSTANDING combination of Ride Quality coupled with true Heavy Duty Performance when required.

These would best be described as similar to a Fox 2.0 Monotube for performance. This includes the internal floating piston (IFP) construction. But in a clean uncluttered Zinc look with the added value of carrying a Lifetime Warranty!

Stryker ORD-Level 4 Fox 2.0 Fox 

The body is a 2.0" impact extruded, CNC machined 6061-T6 clear anodized aluminum one-piece body resists rust over time. Black-anodized, CNC-machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum ends. The shaft is 5/8" hard chrome plated heat treated alloy steel.

The piston is a race-developed high-flow piston design. The valving, seals, redundant sealing pack system main seal, wiper seal, scraper seal are all designed for superior performance.

The oil is JM92 Advanced Suspension Fluid for improved performance at variable temperatures. The bushings are quiet nitrile rubber allows for increased suspension a

Stryker ORD-Level 5 Fox 2.0 Reservoir

This Level 5 Fox 2.0 Performance Series Reservoir, IFP aluminum smooth body shock delivers FOX's industry leading and race dominating performance in an affordable, hassle-free bolt on package. Its heat reducing design includes a metal impacted clear anodized aluminum shock body that dissipates heat faster than a conventional steel body shock.

Its external reservoir allows for increase oil and nitrogen capacity while delivering a striking race look. The included black anodized reservoir mounting clamp and other components are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. The race developed high flow damping piston matched with application specific valving provides the Performance Series 2.0 Reservoir shock a predicable ride quality capable of handling t


Stryker ORD-Level 6 2.5



Stryker ORD-Level 7A 2.5 Piggyback Reservoir

Stryker ORD - Level 7 2.5" Reservoir shocks!  

F450 2.5 Reservoir Stryker badged shock
Our 2.5" reservoir shocks have 2.5 DOM steel body, billet caps in anodized black come standard, as well as rubber bushings and sleeves for optimal ride quality. Our shocks are re-buildable and re-re-valveable. Our shocks have a hardened chrome 7/8 shaft and large body floating piston remote reservoir and Buna-N seals which are good up to 250 degrees. 90 degree swivel hose comes standard. Our remote reservoir ensures consistent performance for even the most demanding off-road adventure.

Stryker ORD - Level 8 2.5" Coilover Reservoir Stryker shocks!

F450 2.5 Coil Over Stryker Shocks

Our shocks have 2.5 DOM steel body, billet caps in anodized black come standard, as well as rubber bushings and sleeves for optimal ride quality, although we offer rod ends with replaceable heims, per request, at no additional charge. Our shocks are re-buildable and re-valvable.  However, we have done extensive testing and these come pre-valved specifically for your Super Duty. Our shocks have a hardened chrome 7/8 shaft and large body floating piston remote reservoir and Buna-N seals which are good up to 250 degrees. 90 degree swivel hose comes standard.  These shocks have been fully tested and perform as good as they look! Our remote reservoir ensures consistent performance for even the most demanding off-road adventure.  


Dodge 2500 Steering Stabilizer

There is no consensus regarding single versus dual steering stabilizers. But lifted truck projects are usually accompanied with larger tire sizes.

Larger tires bring a variety of physical demands for your Dodge 2500 Heavy Duty Truck

Vibration is the primary demand to focus on. The original excellent suspension on your 2500 can accommodate most of that vibration. But if you improve the handling and ride quality by dampening the added side to side motion of your tires that is the first place to address. Shock absorbers dampen the up and down movement of your Heavy Duty and they can also dampen the side movement of your larger tires.

Dual Versus Single:
Dual stabilizers dampen the vibrations better than a SINGLE shock tied to one side in OUR opinion. Is the improvement worth the added cost? 

Of course it depends on several subjective INFORMED decisions. If your Lifted Heavy Duty is actually a daily driver then the performance improvement may not be required. But if you plan to build your 2500 with the capability of HEAVY OFF ROADING even if you don't go there then DUAL is likely your best investment. The cost ADDER is actually not significant compared to the value of your 2500. If your lifted truck has tires 35" or larger you are an excellent candidate to investigate a Steering Stabilizer even if Off Road is not a concern!. 

And then there is the subjective issue of STYLE! What did you want to look at when you see the front of your 2500? Stryker's goal is to provide you with RUGGED STYLE™! We are committed to providing performance and style. 

Dodge Ram 2500 V1 Dual Steering Stabilizer


8" Lift Height EXTENDED SWAY BAR END LINKS complete your 8" Lift Kit!

Stryker Off Road Design is proud to bring you our new 1" OD billet aluminum heavy duty EXTENDED sway bar end links for the 2003 to 2022 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty 2500 and 3500!

This kit will UPGRADE your factory end links to our new Double Adjustable Heim Jointed Extended Sway Bar End Links. They fit 


Heim joints used with appropriate alignment spacers swivel much further without the risk of breaking. The bearing is very unlikely to pull out in this design because all of the force is in the XY axis. There are virtually NO 90 degrees (right angle) forces.

This kit will upgrade the original ball-jointed, studded factory end links, which bind easy and are prone to breakage as the suspension cycles.

These will provide GREATER FLEXIBILITY and DURABILITY while maintaining the proper angles for OPTIMAL Ride Quality.

Ball Joint Disadvantages in End Link Designs.

The OEM ball joints can limit active alignment required in End Link applications.

The stud of a ball joint can pull out of the housing easier than the bearing on a Heim joint in End Link applications.

Of course our extended sway bar end links will also improve the appearance of your 2500 3500 Heavy Duty suspension with Stryker's Rugged Style.


    Complete RAD Lift Kit with Rear Block CONTENTS:

    • (qty 2) 8” smooth ride coils
    • (qty 2) Stryker Identity Series Fabricated Box Radius Arms
    • (qty 2) Identity Series 3/16" Top Coil Badges 
    • (qty 2) Shock Extensions (when Stryker Shocks are not included)
    • (qty 1) Pitman Arm
    • (qty 2) Sway Bar Drop Brackets 
    • (qty 2) 5.75" Rear UPPER Coil Spacers
    • (qty 2) Rear End Links
    • (qty 1) Index ring/crossmember
    • (qty 4) Brake lines
    • (qty 2) “RAD” HD drop brackets
    • (qty 1) Rear track bar relocation bracket
    • (qty 2) OPTIONAL Gen 2 Long Link System Lower Rear Control Arms Bars with Slim Mount
    • (qty 2) OPTIONAL New Floating Cradle (replaces the rear slim mount hardware)
    • All other necessary hardware

    CRITICAL NOTE: At checkout please specify the following in the cart note field.

    1) Transmission Type?
    Aisin 6-Bolt
    Aisin 8-Bolt

    2) Does your Ram have Factory Rear Assist?


      • 2013-2018 Dodge Ram 3500 Heavy Duty (warning - does not support Air Bag Suspension equipped Trucks)

      * Lifetime Warranty of Stryker USA Lift Hardware excludes Powder Coat and Heim Joints.

      Feel free to contact us at sales@strykerordesign.com or
      (865) 233-0076 with any questions!