1" to 4" 2500 3500 Identity Lift Spacers for Dodge Ram 2014 to 2024 Heavy Duty

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Dodge Ram 2500 with Spacer Lift

Stryker is proud to finally offer our Dodge Ram customers a 2" to 4" Identity Series Leveling Kit / Lift Spacer as a stand-alone item separate from our lift kits! They are available in lift selected heights in 1/2" increments.

This is a beefy, all steel spacer that provides your lift height - It can be used by itself to level your truck, or in conjunction with a kit to gain even more height!

Our Leveling / Lift Spacers are part of our Identity Series line, and include machined aluminum faceplates to create a unique, high-quality design - Black on black is default, but polished faceplates with Black Spacers are also available. 

This kit was Manufactured in the USA and has been ENGINEERED for superior Quality, Reliability and Style to match your truck. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please contact your installer, or Stryker, if using this product to stretch an existing kit, as other components (track bar drop bracket, longer end links, taller shocks, etc.) may be required in order for your truck to continue to function properly.