2021 Dodge Ram 2500 lift kit

Ram 2500 3500 Lift Kit RAD

Dodge Ram 2500 with Stryker's New RAD (Radius Arm Drop) Lift Kit in standard black on black



Ram 2500 Lifted Truck Custom Color and Badging Knockout Customz

Dodge Ram Lifted Truck with Stryker's NEW AFFORDABLE Tube Arm 4-Link shown in custom color and dealer badging from Knockout Customz.



dodge ram 2500 lift kit 4-link upgrade polished

Dodge Ram 2500 with Stryker's New 4-Link Arm Lift Kit in Custom Polished on White


See our newest generation of Dodge Ram 2021 2500 Lift Kits with the introduction of our “RAD” series (Radius Arm Drop). This new RAD line is the perfect balance between those that need an extremely rugged suspension lift, yet still want it to be affordably stylish! The RAD Series incorporates your existing Heavy Duty lower arm which has proven itself in Off Road Endurance and Reliability. We also offer this RAD kit as a BOLT Series which does not include the Identity Badging. This is for those who prefer the appearance or want Stryker's Rugged Stylish 4 inch Lift with Drop but at an even more affordable price. Add a sense of style to your 2021 Dodge RAM 2500 lifted Truck. 


dodge ram 2500 lift kit bolt identity upgrade series
dodge ram 2500 lift kit rear 4-link badge

Stryker's 4" 2021 RAM 2500 Lift Kit RAD Identity Series also offers optional badging kits for the rear control arms.

The Identity Badging does require drilling, but not all fasteners pass thru the faceplate. Many are decorative so installing these are not that hard. Just provide labor and a drill! 

Our “RAD” series (Radius Arm) Badge Series line is the perfect style add on to give your truck that rugged suspension lift look! In keeping with our entire Identity line, these are not steel, but 6061 aluminum, laser cut, coated, then CNC milled, then clear coated! A lengthy process, but one that separates us from the rest....and will do so for your truck as well.