F250 F350 0-12" Lift Height Adjustable Track Bar with Heim Joints for 2017-2024

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SHOWN on a 10" F350 lift with our optional Industrial by Design Track Bar Relocation Bracket installed.

  • Designed for 0-4" of lift when used by itself and not paired with a track bar drop bracket or aftermarket pitman arm. 

  • Supports 4 1/2" to 12" with a Track Bar Relocation Bracket and a Pitman Arm (required).


- The bar is a massive 2" OD (the largest in the industry) with .250 wall thickness and is DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel fabrication).

- BEEFY HEAVY DUTY 1.25” heims at both ends so it is adjustable at BOTH ENDS.

- The frame end re-uses the factory track bar bolt and we supply custom misalignments to retain the factory hardware so no drilling is required to change bolt size!

- We supply a custom machined and slotted tapered sleeve at the axle end to insert into the axle bracket to convert it to a 3/4" bolt. The slot ensures that as the bolt is tightened, it cinches into the factory tapered hole as tight as possible.

- Bracket Extension designed with DOUBLE SHEAR PROTECTION! The double shear mount ensures there is no deflection with the 3/4" bolt as well!!

The bar is a massive 2" OD (the largest in the industry) with .250 wall thickness and is DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel fabrication).

F250 F350 Adjustable Track Bar

 BEEFY HEAVY DUTY 1.25” heims at both ends

 so it is adjustable at BOTH ENDS.



    f250 f350 adjustable track bar hardware


    • (1) Heavy Wall Double Adjustable track bar
    • (2) 1.25” Teflon lined heims with misalignments and jam nut.
    • (1) 3/4" grade 8 bolt with washers and nylock nut
    • (1) Double shear bracket at axle end to convert to heim joint
    • (2) Misalignment Spacers - axle end
    • (2) Custom misalignment spacers at frame end to retain factory bolt - frame end
    • (1) Tapered sleeve
    • All grade 8 hardware


    The OPTIONAL Stryker Off Road Design track bar drop bracket is one of the strongest on the market!

    This bracket is made from 1/4" steel and 1/4" gusseting. It is made to be paired with a drop pitman arm and can accommodate lift heights from 4.5-12".

    Craftsman Welders 

    Stryker takes great pride in the work our Craftsman welders put into your lift components. We realize the you have entrusted us with your investment and more importantly your safety.

    These components are CNC Laser Cut and then MIG welded at Stryker USA in Maryville, TN and will withstand the rugged treatment that your Ford Super Duty truck will experience. Every cut and weld we make keeps that commitment in focus.

    And we back that up with our Lifetime replacement warranty!

    F250 Pitnman Arm

    2017-2024 Ford F-250/F-350 Pitman Arm from Stryker Off Road Design. The pitman arm for the F-250/F-350 is exclusive to that model. This pitman arm can be used from 4.5 to 12 inches of suspension lift.

    Provides Tighter Handling a Better Steering feel

    NOTE: Because of the bend, this arm CANNOT BE ADJUSTED AFTER INSTALLATION. Simply adjust to the desired length, and install