F450 FRONT Reservoir Coilover Conversion Kit for 2017 to 2022

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Stryker Off Road Design is proud to announce we’ve wiped the slate clean on 2.5” coilovers and shocks! We’ve listened to the feedback from customers and made some changes. We’ve had the opportunity to partner with a U.S. manufacture and bring you a 100% U.S. made shock that exceeds our expectations. We’ve asked for some unique features in our lineup and we are happy to share them with our customers.
F450 2.5" Coil Over Identity Series Stryker Shocks

No more small diameter coils!

That’s what you’ll see still on the other brands, but with our coilover upgrades, we machine specific conversion brackets to pair our coilovers with larger diameter coils. In some instances, the smaller diameter coils can make contact with the coilover body and actually rub against it. So we took measures to pair our coilovers with coils that have an outer diameter of 5.5”! This is almost the same outer diameter as an F250 OEM coil. So no removing this large factory coil and replacing it with a coilover that looks like you downgraded in size! But don’t let their larger size fool you! They are specifically made with spring rates to provide a soft ride, yet perform well when called upon offroad.

F250 2.5" Coilover shocks with Billet ClampsNo cheesy hose clamps!!

That drives us nuts. Why pay good money for a coilover and be sent some hose clamp from Home Depot to mount your reservoir?! We custom make billet aluminum reservoir clamps and those come STANDARD on all coilover upgrades!

coilover-2.5 shocks with 90 degree fittings standard90 degree fittings are standard.

Some companies charge extra for a 90 degree fitting. Ours comes standard with 90 degree fittings so you can get your hose pointed in the right direction without having to pull the hose where it doesn’t want to go!
f250 2.5" Coilover shocks with Nickel and Black Finish

Zinc/Cerakote finish.

Our standard finish is a bring zinc finish. These parts aren’t just tossed to the coater and hope for the best. Each body and reservoir gets put through a series of prep to ensure the finish comes out perfect every time. These are ran through a centerless sander for that perfect prep for the zinc to adhere the best. If bright zinc isn’t your thing and you like a little more aggressive, sinister look, we have the finish for you…..Cerakote! This finish is known to be tough as nails and impervious to chemicals. We offer that perfect shade of black to not be dull, but not be super glossy either. If you opt for Black Cerakote (small upcharge), your billet aluminum clamps will come anodized black to match, keeping that black theme going
2.5" Coilover shock with CNC Stryker badging


Of course stickers have their place, just not on our coilovers and shocks!

Stryker is known for it’s billet aluminum and machined “faceplates” or “overlays” on our suspensions. That style put us on the map and made others “try” to follow suit. So if you buy a Stryker coilover upgrade, even if you don’t have our suspension, you will still get what we are known for, those famous billet aluminum and machined faceplates on your reservoir mount, attached with stainless hardware. WAY better than any sticker!!

Kit Contains:

• (2) Coilover mounting kit (brackets can look slightly different depending on desired lift height)

• (2) 2.5” Reservoir coilovers that are valved for the F250/350/450 with optimum spring rates)

• (2) Mounting includes a tube welded to it to mount the reservoir horizontal in the wheel well

• (4) Billet Clamps

If you want to run a secondary shock next to the coilover, let us know as that changes the mounting to the bent style mount in order to accommodate another reservoir and that comes with (4) additional billet clamps