0-4" Lift Height Adjustable Track Bar for Dodge/RAM 4wd 2013-2024 3500 and 2014-2024 2500 3500

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Stryker Off Road Design is proud to bring you our new, heavy duty, adjustable track bar. This is the perfect solution for those looking to upgrade from the OEM track bar.  This new heavy duty track bar is perfect for 0-4" of lift and can be adjusted while still on the truck! It features a quick adjuster so it can be adjusted without removing from the truck, while providing optimal re-centering of the axle.  Can be used from stock up to 3" of lift without using a track bar drop bracket.

2500 3500 adjustable dodge ram track bar



dodge ram 2500 3500 adjustable track bar heim joint

Heim joints used with appropriate alignment spacers swivel much further without the risk of breaking. The bearing is very unlikely to pull out in this design because all of the force is in the XY axis. There are virtually NO 90 degrees (right angle) forces.

This kit will upgrade the original factory track bar.

These will provide GREATER FLEXIBILITY and DURABILITY while maintaining the proper angles for OPTIMAL Ride Quality.


Can also be used over 5" of lift in addition to a drop bracket (please contact Stryker). We offer this adjustable track bar in custom color choices as well.  We use Prismatic Powders. So if you choose custom, you must go to their website (http://www.prismaticpowders.com/powder-coating-colors/), choose your color choice and provide us with the item # during check out.  Custom color choices could take up to 2 weeks to ship depending on availability of the powder coat.  


  • Heavy Duty Adjustable 
  • Perfect for 0" to 4" of Lift with No Track Bar Drop Bracket
  • Can be Adjusted Without Removing from the Vehicle
  • Provides Tighter Handling and Better Steering
  • Available in Custom Color Choices


Qty (1) TRACK BAR with Heim Joints
Qty (2) 7/8x7/8 Left & Right Rod Ends w/ Jam Nuts
Qty (4) Misalignments
Qty (1) 3/4 3” Long Fine Bolt
Qty (1) 3/4 3.5” Long Fine Bolt
Qty (2) 3/4 washers
Qty (1) 3/4 lock washers
Qty (1) 3/4 nylon nut
Qty (1) 3/4 blind nut w/ tab

Technical Note:
Does not fit 2013 2500 models