4.5" F250 F350 DROP Lift Kit "RAD/Bolt" series 2017 to 2022

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Stryker F450 RAD Identity Series Lift Kit for Diesel Brothers Truck Giveaway
Stryker F450 RAD Identity Series Lift Kit for Diesel Brothers Truck Giveaway

We are happy to release our newest generation of suspension lifts! Our “RAD” series (Radius Arm Drop) series. This new RAD line is the perfect balance between those that need an extremely rugged suspension lift, yet still want it to be stylish!

We address everything in this kit. Our coils are designed to mimic the factory specs and provide a great ride. Our rear blocks have the bumpstop pads built in to utilize the factory rear bumpstops that Ford designed in for the heavy hauling these trucks were designed for. Our drop brackets for the radius are the beefiest in the industry!

We went about it a little different. Instead of the drop bracket going up inside the factory radius arm pocket, we designed ours to mount uniquely outside. That adds width and strength. These features cost more to produce, but the end result is unmatched. All our steel is U.S. made and is at least ¼”, and in some instances even larger.  


The image inset is courtesy of the Diesel Brothers November Truck Giveaway! The Stryker RAD Series Lift Kit was used and brand referenced on their promotional video. 



  • (qty 2) 4.5” smooth ride coils
  • (qty 2) Stryker aluminum and machined coil “badges”
  • (qty 1) Track bar drop bracket
  • (qty 1) Drop pitman arm
  • (qty 2) Replacement HD sway bar endlinks with “extreme articulation” feature
  • (qty 2) “RAD” HD drop brackets
  • (qty 2) Rear blocks with built in HD bumpstop pads
  • (qty 1) Bracket system to retain OEM steering stabilizer
  • (qty 2) Brakeline drop brackets
  • (qty 4) U-bolts with hardware
  • (qty 2) STRYKER billet and machined radius arm faceplates with stainless hardware
  • (qty 1) Identity Series radius arm faceplate template
  • (qty 1) Drill bit
  • (qty 1) 10/32 tap
  • All other necessary hardware 


  • 17-22 F250/F350 (gas or diesel)


  • Rear sway bar endlinks if your truck is equipped with a rear sway bar


  • 4" Lift Height adjustable track bar for 2017 to 2021 F250 F350 Super Duty 4WD

Stryker Off Road Design is proud to offer a stock to 4" lift height adjustable track bar for the F250/F350 market! Most track bars for the F250/F350 require you to have a minimum of 1.5" lift height, but this adjustable track bar will work all the way down to stock height, and all the way up to 4" lift heights...and even higher if you have a track bar drop bracket!


      1. Massive 1.5" diameter forged solid steel construction
      2. Larger diameter than most, and much larger than factory/OEM
      3. Simple, easy, bolt-on installation - fits directly in factory location
      4. Adjustable while mounted, using grade 10.9 hardware
      5. Forged solid steel construction means no hollow tube and no welds to break
      6. Allows you to perfectly center your front axle
      7. Includes upgraded proprietary bushings




Feel free to contact us at sales@strykerordesign.com
or (865) 233-0076 with any questions!