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Dodge RAM 2500 Heavy Duty 4 Inch Lift KitDodge Ram 2500 Rear 4 Link Identity Badging
We are happy to release our newest generation of suspension lifts! Our “RAD” series (Radius Arm Drop) series. This new RAD Series line is the perfect balance between those that need an extremely rugged suspension lift, yet still want it to be stylish!

We address everything in this kit. Our coils are designed to mimic the factory specs and provide a great ride. Our rear coil spacers are designed for the heavy hauling these trucks were designed for. Our drop brackets for the radius are the beefiest in the industry!

We went about it a little different. Instead of the drop bracket going up inside the factory radius arm pocket, we designed ours to mount uniquely outside. That adds width and strength. These features cost more to produce, but the end result is unmatched. All our steel is U.S. made and is at least ¼”, and in some instances even larger. We offer several shock options on this line.

Our "BOLT" series is an affordable option that retains all of our Rugged Off Road Design benefits  but offers a lower cost with the removal of our Identity Series RAD (Radius Arm Drop) Badge Kit.

The image is courtesy of one of Stryker's valued customers. 

Dodge Ram 4" Lift Kid Radius Arm Badge


We are happy to release our newest generation of Stryker Off Road Designs Badging Products! This new release is to add a sense of style to your 2500 Heavy Duty Truck.

Our “RAD” series (Radius Arm) Badge Series line is the perfect style add on to give your truck that rugged suspension lift look! In keeping with our entire Identity line, these are not steel, but 6061 aluminum, laser cut, coated, then CNC milled, then clear coated! A lengthy process, but one that separates us from the rest....and will do so for your truck as well.

These do require drilling, but not all fasteners pass thru the faceplate. Many are decorative so installing these are not that hard. Just provide labor and a drill! 

  • (qty 2) STRYKER billet and machined radius arm faceplates with stainless hardware (OPTIONAL)
  • (qty 2 sets) RAD faceplate spacers (OPTIONAL)
  • (qty 1) Identity Series radius arm faceplate drill template
  • (qty 1) Drill bit
  • (qty 1) 10/32 tap
  • All other necessary hardware 


Stryker ORD-Level 2


Dodge Ram Level 2 Bilstein 2500 Shock

This Stryker ORD Level 2 Shock upgrade is a special ordered Bilstein monotube shock that we stock exclusively for our kits. These deliver the performance Bilstein is known for. We took this shock to another level by taking the existing zinc plating, adding our own 3M clear protective film (as we found their zinc plating just wasn’t enough protection), then we choose a decal color that matches the lift color options you chose.


Stryker ORD-Level 3

Dodge Ram 2500 Monotube Off Road Shock 


Stryker's ORD Level 3 Monotube Shock these are a T6061 brushed aluminum bodied monotube shock. These would best be described as equivalent to a Fox monotube. They have an internal floating piston for a very consistent performance. With these having an aluminum body, these bodies can never rust. These carry a 3 year warranty as well.


Stryker ORD-Level 4 Reservoir

Dodge Ram 2500 4 inch Lift Reservoir Shock

This affordable ORD Level 4 Reservoir Shock is a great balance between off-road performance and ride.

With an 8-stage adjustable damping system you can select your ride from smooth city streets or rugged off road damping. This shock includes a dial-in control that lets you select the exact specifications you want and need!

FEATURES:  1) Extended Length: 33.07in 2) Collapsed Length: 19.92in 3) 8-Stage Adjustable Damping 4) Monotube Design with 56% greater fluid capacity than average reservoir shocks. 5) Nitrogen-Charged Remote Reservoir with Steel Braided Reservoir Line 6) Massive 2.5in Piston 7) 22mm Chrome-Hardened Piston Rod 7) Specifically Tuned for this Dodge 2500 4 inch lift kit Application 8) 3-Stage Seal System 9) Heat-Treated, Alloy Bearing 10) Honed Steel Body 11) CNC-Machined Billet Aluminum Accents 12) Zinc Plate Finish with Double Clear Coat 13) Incredible >400 Hour Salt Spray Rating


There is no consensus regarding single versus dual steering stabilizers. But lifted truck projects are usually accompanied with larger tire sizes.

Larger tires bring a variety of physical demands for your Dodge 2500 Heavy Duty Truck

Vibration is the primary demand to focus on. The original excellent suspension on your 2500 can accommodate most of that vibration. But if you improve the handling and ride quality by dampening the added side to side motion of your tires that is the first place to address. Shock absorbers dampen the up and down movement of your Heavy Duty and they can also dampen the side movement of your larger tires.

Dual Versus Single:
Dual stabilizers dampen the vibrations better than a SINGLE shock tied to one side in OUR opinion. Is the improvement worth the added cost? 

Of course it depends on several subjective INFORMED decisions. If your Lifted Heavy Duty is actually a daily driver then the performance improvement may not be required. But if you plan to build your 2500 with the capability of HEAVY OFF ROADING even if you don't go there then DUAL is likely your best investment. The cost ADDER is actually not significant compared to the value of your 2500. If your lifted truck has tires 35" or larger you are an excellent candidate to investigate a Steering Stabilizer even if Off Road is not a concern!. 

And then there is the subjective issue of STYLE! What did you want to look at when you see the front of your 2500? Stryker's goal is to provide you with RUGGED STYLE™! We are committed to providing performance and style. 

Dodge Ram 2500 V1 Dual Steering Stabilizer


Dual Steering Stabilizer Offered

Dodge Ram 2500 Dual Steering Stabilizer
Dodge Ram 2500 Steering Stabilizer

The Stryker V1 Off Road Design Dual Steering Stabilizer gives your truck better handling while adding to the Rugged Style of the suspension!

Our steering stabilizer provides better handling and control of oversized tires by reducing bump steer and front end vibration. It also reduces ball joint and tie rod wear and tear, and is an easy bolt on installation!

Just add the Lift Kit and separately add the dual steering stabilizer to your cart before checkout!


You will receive a 5% discount on your Steering Stabilizer calculated automatically at checkout if your cart includes the RAD/BOLT 2500 Lift Kit.


  • CAD Designed and laser cut from 1/4" and 3/8" steel
  • Reduces bump steer and front end vibration
  • Reduces ball joint and tie rod wear and tear
  • Simply and easy bolt-on installation
  • Comes with our Level 2 Shock as standard. 
  • Made in the USA!


RAD Kit with Rear Block CONTENTS:

  • (qty 2) 4” Identity Series Top Coil Spacer 
  • (qty 2) Identity Series Top Coil Badges (when coil lift is selected)
  • (qty 2) 4 Inch Smooth Ride Coils (OPTIONAL)
  • (qty 2)  Machined Shock Extensions (when Stryker Shocks are not included)
  • (qty 2) 1.5" Rear Coil Spacers
  • (qty 2) Stryker aluminum and machined coil “badges”
  • (qty 1) Adjustable Track Bar
  • (qty 2) “RAD” HD drop brackets
  • (qty 2) STRYKER billet and machined radius arm faceplates with stainless hardware (OPTIONAL)
  • (qty 2 sets) STRYKER billet and machined REAR 4 link faceplates with stainless hardware (OPTIONAL)
  • (qty 2 sets) RAD faceplate spacers (OPTIONAL)
  • (qty 1) Identity Series radius arm faceplate drill template
  • (qty 1) Drill bit
  • (qty 1) 10/32 tap
  • All other necessary hardware 


  • 14-18 Dodge Ram 2500  

Feel free to contact us at sales@strykerordesign.com
or (865) 233-0076 with any questions!